The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Identity Crisis

When the members of an away mission from five years start disappearing one by one, La Forge is understandably worried – he and former crewmate Susanna Leitjen are now the only two left. Can the Enterprise crew figure out what’s going on before Geordi and Susanna become the next victims?

Having failed to do a convincing horror story in the last episode, TNG gives it one more go here, only for success to remain elusive. We all know from the start that Geordi will be saved – all we have to do is sit through forty-two minutes to find out what the threat actually is, and how to combat it. And unfortunately, the journey to that inevitable conclusion just isn’t very engaging, failing to grab the attention even with the addition of alien parasites with retroviral properties, and holodeck reconstructions. There’s just nothing here that stands out – perhaps the only relief is that this is a Geordi story without an awkward romantic subplot.

Who are you?

  • Purely personal opinion of course, but I think Susanna looks more attractive in her alien form. Just me? Yeah, thought so.
  • How come Geordi transforms much more quickly than Susanna? Narrative convenience, I suppose.
  • Was there no way transporter traces could have been used to revert the changes whilst Crusher came up with a permanent cure?
  • Now that Picard has put warning beacons around the planet, he’s effectively stopped these aliens from reproducing and condemned them to death.
  • Come to think of it, how did the aliens reproduce before anyone visited them? I guess at one point they subsumed the native life forms (can they transform non-humanoids?) and then have phases of almost dying out before infecting new visitors just in time. Maybe they’re also extraordinarily long-lived.

Summary – Identity Crisis: Space rape, part II.

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