The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Qpid

Whilst preparing to give a lecture at an archaeological symposium, Picard has not one, but two unexpected visitors. First up is Vash, the woman he met on Risa, but worse yet is Q – who has decided that he owes Picard a favour for helping him rejoin the continuum. When Q sees the effect that Vash has on Picard, he decides to exploit the captain’s romantic weakness – by casting, Picard, Vash and the senior crew as Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Merry Men.

It’s safe to say that I wasn’t looking forward to this episode – I even gave my viewing companion the option not to watch with me (for the record, he chose to endure). After a dull and ponderous opening, the sheer stupidity of the Robin Hood section is such that I could barely commit myself to pay attention. The highlight of the episode is Worf smashing a lute – the rest is so much fluff. It’s good to see Vash back, just a shame that it’s in such a poor context.

Points of note

  • Worf actually points out that Vash doesn’t have bridge clearance – like every alien that ever visits – and no one cares.
  • Q says he would have appeared as a female if he’d known this would affect Picard – he still could do this, of course.
  • Picard regularly has morning tea with Beverly.

The viewing companions speak

“We’re bored of writing science fiction, let’s write Robin Hood!”

“Laughably dreadful”

Summary – Qpid: “I am not a Merry Man!”

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