The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Conundrum

When a mysterious ship does a deep scan of the Enterprise, the crew are left without any memories of who they are. As they struggle to extract their personal information from the computer, none of them are aware that things aren’t quite right. Who is Commander Keiran Macduff, supposedly the Enterprise’s first officer? And is the Federation really embroiled in a lengthy war with the Lysians?

At the core of this episode is an interesting idea, but as with A Matter of Time, it’s hard to sufficiently suspend disbelief. We know that the Enterprise sucks at computer security, but could a single alien deep scan really rewrite the databanks and the memories of 13 different humanoid races, not to mention Data? When the Enterprise went dark, why didn’t one of the nearby starbases send out a message? If a single photon torpedo would be all it took to end the war, couldn’t either the Satarrans or the Lysians have obtained one much more easily?

Lay on, Macduff

  • How is Troi able to beat Data at chess? We already have computers who can beat grand masters at normal chess, and even if 3D chess is more advanced, surely Data is easily able to beat any human? Unless his processing is deliberately limited to make him more ‘human’, of course.
  • At the end, Ro seems to be implying that Riker was just doing what he always wanted to do in getting together with her – but she was the one that made the first move. Actually, I think they make quite a good couple, when he isn’t shouting at her in a turbolift.
  • It’s possible to go cliff-diving on the holodeck. How does it simulate falling any kind of distance?

Summary – Conundrum: In which Worf arrogantly seizes command, and Picard murders a ship full of innocents.

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