The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Liaisons

When the Enterprise plays host to two Iyaaran ambassadors, it soon becomes clear that these aliens are a little unusual. Whilst one of them becomes obsessed with desserts after Troi introduces him to chocolate, the other is surly and rude towards Worf for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, a shuttle accident leaves Picard stranded on a planet with a woman who has been stuck there for seven years.

Towards the end of season six, there were quite a few episodes that I felt I was supposed to like, but didn’t really get on with. As we move into season seven, we have an episode that I’m supposed to dismiss as fluff, but actually rather enjoyed. There are plenty of humorous moments with the two Iyaarans on the ship, and whilst Picard’s plight seems lifted from the plot of Misery, it’s still enjoyable nonetheless.

Top Moments

  • Loquel munching on his snacks whilst Worf brawls with Byleth at the poker game.
  • Worf: Ambassador Byleth is demanding, temperamental, and rude!

    Data: “Yu share all of those qualities in abundance. Perhaps you should try to build on your similarities.

Other points

  • Terellians are said to be an alien race who have four arms. They should not be confused with Talarians.
  • Iyaarans are inexperienced with emotion, eat plain nourishment pellets for sustenance, and even lack a juvenile phase – they emerge fully grown from their natal pods.
  • Even though Ktarians were antagonists back in The Game, Ktarian chocolate puff is a delicacy enjoyed on the Enterprise. Of course, my theory is that the Ktarians of The Game are a rogue faction who don’t represent the interests of their government, and that the average Ktarian is an ally to the Federation.
  • At the reception, Troi doesn’t even bother with a savoury course, instead heading straight for dessert.
  • Byleth is sent to study pleasure, but only ever partakes in the pleasure of eating sweets. He doesn’t, for example, try to understand human sexual acts.
  • On which note – in Descent, Data essentially admits to watching pornography in an attempt to evoke an emotional response.

Summary – Liaisons: A fun and lighthearted episode after the dark season six.

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