The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: Attached

When Picard and Crusher beam down to evaluate the Kes of Kesprytt III and their application to join the Federation, they are intercepted and captured by the xenophobic Prytt. With the Prytt worried that the Kes are making a military alliance with the Federation, it falls to Riker to try to negotiate with both them and Kes. Meanwhile, Picard and Crusher find themselves making an escape attempt with devices implanted in their necks that allow them to hear each other’s thoughts.

I quite liked this episode back in the day, but it’s another on the list of those that hasn’t really stood the test of time. Compared to contentious alien races from earlier seasons, the Kes and the Prytt are shallow and dull; the security paranoia of the Kes is played for laughs, whilst the Prytt are just belligerent xenophobes. The plot is set up to let Picard and Crusher spend a few days in the wilderness together before being handily rescued – everything is conveniently timed rather than believable. And it’s a typical “past it’s best” move for a series to take an implied sexual attraction between characters and spell it out. Just leave it alone!

Points of note

  • This is apparently the first time a non-unified world has applied to be part of the Federation.
  • Picard was in love with Beverly way back when she was married to Jack, but in this episode he is ultimately friendzoned. That being said, in the alternate future of All Good Things, Crusher and Picard not only got married, but subsequently divorced.
  • Last episode felt very closed in, with a lake on Betazed represented by the Enterprise arboretum. It was at least nice that this episode was shot on location, and feels much more expansive and open.

Summary – Attached: The episode may be called Attached, but I felt somewhat detached from proceedings.

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