The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: The Pegasus

The Enterprise welcomes aboard Admiral Pressman for a high priority mission – recovering the highly classified wreckage of the USS Pegasus before the Romulans get to it. Picard isn’t allowed to know any details of the mission, but Riker, who served with Pressman on the Pegasus, clearly knows more than he is letting on.

We’re back to previously unmentioned revelations for the main characters in this episode, as a chapter from Riker’s past is exposed. I actually misremembered this one as being a two-parter, but despite its import to Federation/Romulan relations, it’s actually just a standalone. It’s a solid instalment, but somehow it feels different to a typical Star Trek episode. Is it the Enterprise using a cloaking device? The ship entering an asteroid? Our first black Romulan? Terry O’Quinn as an admiral? A rare Starfleet mutiny? Somehow, all these things, when pulled together, make for an episode that stands out from the crowd.

Life in Starfleet

  • The episode opens with Picard about to reluctantly host the annual Captain Picard day for the children of the Enterprise. Having converted the stardate of the episode to the Gregorian calendar, many Star Trek fans celebrate Captain Picard Day on June 16th. I shall be adding it to my calendar.
  • As we know from TOS, Starfleet mutinies are basically non-existent, but the Pegasus marked one of those rare occurrences. Unlike most things in Starfleet, the fact of the mutiny is highly classified.
  • The Treaty of Algeron specifically forbids the Federation from developing cloaking technology, presumably a concession to cement peace (of a sort) with the Romulans.
  • Just as in The Enterprise Incident, a cloaking device from another ship is hooked up to the Enterprise with little issue.
  • The Pegasus’ cloaking device didn’t just hide the ship, it also allowed it to phase through normal matter. Such phasing was last seen in The Next Phase.
  • Although the Riker we know isn’t afraid to speak his mind, apparently as an ensign he was a lot quieter and prone to following orders no matter what.

Summary – The Pegasus: Something a little different – a prelude for the darker stories to come in DS9?

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