The Great Star Trek TNG Rewatch: All Good Things

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. Some people said it mustn’t be done. Despite all this, the Great Star Trek Rewatch has reached the end of phase 2.

In the last ever episode of TNG, Captain Picard finds himself switching time zones, from the present day to both twenty-five years in the future, and seven years in the past, when he first took command of the Enterprise. As Picard struggles to work out what’s going on, he learns that the Q Continuum’s trial on humanity never ended, and that if he doesn’t solve this puzzle, humanity itself will cease to exist.

This episode isn’t perfect – far from it – but I still really enjoy it. It has Picard front and centre, Q being bearable, a mystery to solve, and a nice sci-fi gimmick of seeing our favourite characters in past, present and future incarnations. Yes, when you stop to analyse the logic of it, there are things that don’t make sense, but it’s still a fun story that brings us full circle whilst also showing how far the characters have come.

Future possible

The future seen in this timeline is already unable to come to pass because of the events of both the episode and the movies, but it’s fun to catalogue where the crew ended up anyway.

  • Picard resigned from Starfleet, became an ambassador, and is now back on Earth tending the Picard vineyards. Assuming that Robert and Renee survived in this timeline, they are nowhere to be seen – and neither is Marie – but someone must have tended the vineyards up until Picard’s retirement.
  • Riker is now an admiral and commander of the refitted Enterprise-D, with its three warp nacelles. The Enterprise-D is past its decommissioning date, but Riker used his rank to keep it in service.
  • Data has left Starfleet and now holds the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge. He has a housekeeper, a grey streak in his chair, and many cats.
  • Crusher is now captain of the medical ship Pasteur, and the intervening years she both married and divorced Picard. She now goes by the name Beverly Picard.
  • Geordi now lives on Rigel III with his wife Leah and their three children. Would Leah Brahms really have divorced her husband and got together with Geordi, given how their relationship mostly consisted of him either being inappropriate or gaslighting her?
  • Worf is now working for the Klingon Empire, and was previously on the High Council. The Klingons have conquered the Romulans; Worf, meanwhile, is as easy to provoke with mentions of honour as Marty McFly is by being called chicken.
  • Troi died some time ago, leaving Worf and Riker bitter over at the whole love triangle.

Points of note

  • Since the anomaly should move backwards in time from the point it was created, it should be there when the Pasteur arrives, and disappear when they use the tachyon beam.
  • The anomaly is supposedly created by the convergence of three identical beams from the Enterprises past, present and future – however in the future, it is the Pasteur that makes the scan. Perhaps the Pasteur uses second-hand components from the Enterprise that were discarded after the refit.
  • If the anomaly has reached Earth by 4 million BC, this must surely mean that many other Alpha Quadrant planets have been completely consumed. Oh well, they aren’t human, so who cares?

Deleted scenes

The deleted scenes are all rightfully deleted, as they would have detracted from the episode – for example, Data idly speculating that in the future he would like to hold the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge. There was an entire excised subplot about Tarellian ships approaching the anomaly in the hopes that the temporal effects would cure them; however, this would have introduced massive continuity flaws – not only do the Tarellians look nothing like they did in Haven, but there’s even a suggestion of beaming Enterprise civilians to safety by transporting them to the Tarellian ships. When Wyatt transported to the Tarellian ship, he was never allowed back, for fear of contagion.

Summary – All Good Things: All good things must come to an end, but the great rewatch rumbles on.

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