The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Past Prologue

When a former Bajoran terrorist requests sanctuary on DS9, Kira’s loyalties are tested. Should she side with her former comrade, who claims to be representing the interests of the Bajoran people, or with Sisko and Starfleet?

We’ll get plenty tired of Bajoran terrorist stories in due course, but I guess we can give this one credit for being the first one. I’m not sure either Kira or Sisko cover themselves in glory here, whilst the story itself is fairly standard. This episode does, however, mark the introduction of a new recurring character in the form of Garak, the only Cardassian left on the station. Garak is a “simple tailor” who is of course anything but that, and he chooses the impressionable young Dr Bashir to become his friend in Starfleet.


  • Kira and Sisko are in conflict for much of this episode, with Sisko shouting at Kira at the drop of a hat, and Kira going over Sisko’s head at the first opportunity. I feel a bit sorry for Kira here, because she basically gets slapped down by Sisko for not toeing the line, even though her role is to be a liaison and not a mindless Starfleet subordinate. I was also unimpressed with Admiral Rollman calling Kira “that woman who works for you” and generally belittling her.
  • Odo shows his love of arresting everyone as a preventative measure. He also defies conservation of mass by turning into a rat – unless the rat is unusually dense, which it doesn’t appear to be.
  • Bashir is irritatingly young, impressionable and clueless.


  • Why is the transporter in Ops? It’s great if you need to get senior crew there quickly, but what about uncleared and possibly dangerous personnel? They shouldn’t be transported directly to the control hub of the station.
  • Lursa and B’Etor should have been much more subtle – two infamous Klingon warriors wandering around was always going to attract notice, whereas one lower ranking Klingon might have been able to fly under the radar.

Summary – Past Prologue: An average episode, but for season one, that’s pretty good.

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