The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Captive Pursuit

When DS9 receives its first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant, the alien in question seems very paranoid and shy. Chief O’Brien takes the new visitor under his wing, but will even he be able to find out why the alien is here – and what he might be running from?

After several episodes about Bajorans, we finally switch to the Gamma Quadrant, in what is actually a surprisingly enjoyable instalment. Although O’Brien is a fairly generic character to be carrying an episode by himself, it works because the alien, Tosk, has such a very different outlook to that of humanity. The truth behind his role in society only further highlights how human morality isn’t the only way – and, unlike Kirk, we don’t have to ruin societies whose beliefs we disagree with.


  • For once, all the sexism occurs before the opening theme – Quark includes sexual services in a Dabo girl’s contract.
  • Racism against Quark is still fine – pile on, everyone’s doing it!

Gathered observations

  • Bashir tries to horn his way into O’Brien’s friendship with Tosk, but is rightly ignored.
  • Odo does not use phasers
  • How is Tosk able to query the locations of the weapons store from the computer when Quark, a station resident, wasn’t even supposed to be able to see a map of the command level?
  • When Odo is punched, why doesn’t he turn his body to steel, or liquid, or something? Maybe he was taken off guard, but he could still have subsequently turned himself into a bar of steel to knock out the aliens.
  • O’Brien calls the Cardassians “Cardies” in this episode, which is a good epithet from someone who dislikes the Cardassians as much as he does. Shame it was never used before.
  • Why was Odo personally monitoring Tosk instead of just logging his computer accesses and then sending security down to intercept him? Does the constable have nothing better to do than hang out on walls, pretending to be a painting?

Summary – Captive Pursuit: Sisko may have secretly helped O’Brien, but I bet he’ll let the chief take the rap anyway.

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