The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Progress

When the Bajorans decide to tap energy from the core of one of their moons, Kira is in charge of ensuring that all the moon’s inhabitants evacuate back to the planet. But when she encounters an old farmer who is unwilling to leave, her loyalties are sorely tested. Meanwhile, Jake and Nog use some of Quark’s unwanted inventory to turn a profit.

Star Trek revisits the old “displace the natives for the sake of progress” story in this episode – and whilst it’s tempting to write it off as same old, same old, this is actually a decent stab at it. Unlike various other characters, Kira doesn’t get off lightly by having the difficult decisions taken away at the end, whilst the Bajoran context means she must also question whether doing her duty makes her just like the Cardassians she so despises. Yes, farmer Mullibok is deliberately irritating, but he and Kira play off against each other well, resulting in a solid story about Bajoran Issues.

Back on the station, the B-plot about Nog and Jake’s series of trades is like a dry run of season seven’s Treachery, Faith and the Great River. It’s quite entertaining, if predictable, although it’s actually Jake rather than Nog who makes all the smart business decisions. Is that because we’re supposed to think that humans are naturally smarter than Ferengi? Or is that the supposedly enlightened 24th century humans are better at despised capitalism than the Ferengi they sneer at?

Bits and pieces

  • It was fortunate that Mullibok’s house caught fire so easily. I bet if I were trying to set it alight, it would staunchly refuse to burn.
  • Morn becomes the latest man to ask Dax out, and she secretly thinks he looks cute. Obviously this happens off-screen, as he never talks on camera.

Summary – Progress: DS9 does its own take on The Ensigns of Command.

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