The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Dramatis Personae

Something’s not quite right on DS9. Sisko and Kira are at loggerheads even more than usual, and their conflict is rippling through the senior crew. Could there really be a mutiny brewing?

This is an odd episode. It’s hard to know at what point in DS9’s run it would have worked. Too late, and it becomes immediately obvious that something is amiss. Too soon, and the characters wouldn’t be well established enough for us to spot any changes in their personalities. Only at just the right point and with just the right level of subtlety could this episode really weird us out, and sadly, it doesn’t quite manage it. Sure, Sisko and Kira arguing is nothing new, but the instant Bashir starts taking an interest in station politics, we know that something’s up. And once the moment is lost, it’s gone forever.

Character shifts

  • Sisko becomes apathetic towards his command, and more concerned with building a random clock. The only time he stirs out of his stupor is when Kira seems to be presenting a real threat to his command.
  • Kira becomes determined to usurp Sisko and take his command.
  • O’Brien becomes fanatically devoted to Sisko, and keeping him safe at all times.
  • Dax pretends to support Sisko, whilst actually being on Kira’s side. She becomes even more obsessed than usual with relating old anecdotes.
  • Bashir turns into a proto-Garak, and concerns himself with watching events unfold without committing to a side.
  • Odo is unaffected, and thus able to save the day.
  • Jake and Keiko are safely on Bajor throughout, and do not appear.

Other points

  • Why would exposure to vacuum “disperse the telepathic matrix”? Are thoughts airborne?
  • Odo doesn’t eat, drink or presumably breathe – how does he take in energy? Also, since he obviously doesn’t have a conventional brain, are there neurons spread throughout his entire body?

Summary – Dramatis Personae: Once again, beaming someone directly to Ops proves to be a bad idea.

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