The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Homecoming

When Kira learns that Bajoran resistance hero Li Nalas is being held in a Cardassian prison camp, she becomes determined to mount a rescue. With the Bajoran provisional government wracked by infighting, and extremist group The Circle gaining traction, could Li be just the symbol needed to unite a fractured Bajor?

In an echo of the multi-episode story arcs to come, DS9 kicks off season two with a three-part story focusing on Bajoran politics. Unlike episodes which are specifically named “Part I”, “Part II”, I’ll review each episode separately, starting with the season opener.

There’s a lot to set up in this episode, as we learn that Bajor is far from being fixed after its first year of freedom. The government is weak an ineffectual, allowing for the rise of a xenophobic group who want all alien species gone. With Kai Opaka stuck in the Gamma Quadrant, there’s no one person to unite behind – could Bajoran hero Li Nalas be the answer? Except that Li isn’t the hero everyone thinks he is – he’s someone who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and who is reluctant to take on the mantle of a living legend.

Bits and pieces

  • I guess it’s for the best that security wasn’t tighter, but I can’t help feeling the Cardassians could have done a better job of securing their prison camp.
  • Why did four Bajorans stay behind to hold off the enemy when only one of them had a phaser? O’Brien didn’t even give his phaser to one of the others.
  • Why didn’t Kira and O’Brien beam those last four Bajorans away right before they left?
  • Am I really supposed to believe that O’Brien, who specialises in engineering and transporters, is a better pilot than Kira, who fought in the resistance? A better reason to send O’Brien along would surely be because of his engineering skills, or his expertise in modifying the runabout to appear to be another ship.
  • Speaking of which, is it really so easy to make one ship look like another? If so, why isn’t it used all the time? Is O’Brien really such a genius that only he would be able to come up with such a plan?
  • If the Replimat is free, why does anyone ever order food and drink at Quark’s? If it isn’t free, how does Sisko pay for his raktajino and cake? Does he get an exemption because he’s the station commander?

Summary – The Homecoming: Season two begins, and suddenly everyone seems a lot more comfortable in their role.

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