The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Circle

In the wake of Li Nalas’s rescue, Kira has been stripped of her job as Bajoran liaison and returned to Bajor. Whilst she tries to find some downtime during a retreat at Vedek Bareil’s monastery, the political situation on Bajor worsens. The Circle are gaining power, and they want not only control of the Bajoran government, but an end to the Federation’s involvement in Bajoran affairs.

It’s also difficult being the second of a trilogy. You’re often the weakest of the three parts, without the explosive intro of part one, or conclusion of part three. Nonetheless, The Circle makes a decent effort, building up the threat of The Circle, whilst also fitting in some character moments and important plot development.

The Good

  • The opening scene in Kira’s quarters gives us a real feel for how the characters have formed friendships over their first year together. Also, we get the first inklings of the deep feelings Odo has for Kira.
  • Winn is splendidly evil.

The Bad

  • Quark suddenly manages to find out the location of The Circle headquarters just when the plot demands it.
  • Vedek Bareil seems in danger of winning a prize for the most wooden acting. Trying to project an aura of spiritual calm is not the same as phoning it in.
  • The Orb prophecy makes little sense, except to tell us that Bareil is going to be boning Kira at some point in the future.
  • Vedek Bareil’s name is misspelt “Bariel” in the opening credits.

Other points

  • In The Homecoming, Kira and O’Brien seemed confident of their ability to beam up Bajorans (albeit only two at a time) from Cardassia IV. Here, the rescue team needs to get a comm badge to Kira before she can be beamed up. Of course, she was underground and surrounded by other Bajorans, so it would have been harder to get an accurate lock on her than if she were above ground and surrounded by Cardassians.
  • Why did Bashir need to go on the rescue mission? If his medical attention was required, he could have been brought in after the after was secured.

Summary – The Circle: It was a Cardassian plot all along. Again.

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