The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Blood Oath

Decades ago, Curzon Dax swore a blood oath with three Klingon warriors to avenge the murder of their firstborn children. Now the time has come to take revenge, and the Klingons have arrived aboard DS9 – only to discover that their old friend is now Jadzia Dax. Should Jadzia join them on a quest that began a lifetime ago?

This episode is really a taste of what’s to come from season four onwards, when Worf joins the crew and brings a whole bunch of Klingon machismo and storylines with him. Blood Oath reunites three Klingons from TOS – Kor, Kang and Koloth – and gives them skull ridges and a good friendship with Curzon Dax. Technically, Jadzia isn’t obligated to continue that friendship or adhere to the blood oath – in fact, as we know, hosts are generally discouraged from continuing friendships from previous lifetimes – but she finds herself actively wanting to participate. Just a few episodes ago, she said “I’m not Curzon”, and usually refers to events from her past lives in the third person, but here she switches to the first person. This is important to her – so much so that she goes out of her way to convince each of the three Klingons to let her go, and even risks her career and Sisko’s opinion of her to fulfil this obligation.

Dax facts

In his role as ambassador, Curzon was one of the main negotiators of peace between the Klingons and the Federation – perhaps he worked together with Riva from Loud as a Whisper.

For honour!

  • Jadzia gets let off the hook when Kang delivers the killing blow. Whilst I can understand not wanting to soil our heroine’s hands or have to dwell on this in weeks to come, imagine if Jadzia had had to go back to DS9 and deal with the fact that she killed someone in cold blood. Mind you, Worf got a slap on the wrist for killing Duras, and then pretty much got to carry on as normal. What’s an honourable killing among friends?
  • It’s nice to see an episode pass the Bechdel test; here Jadzia asks Kira about her experiences of killing people back in the Resistance days.
  • In this episode we learn the specs of a warrior’s bat’leth; as a teen, I used that information to make my own bat’leth out of cardboard. I also made my own Jem’Hadar kar’takin.
  • If bombarding a planet’s surface with tetryon particles is a sure fire way of disabling all energy weapons, why don’t landing parties and rescue teams do it all the time?

Summary – Blood Oath: Today is a good day to watch DS9.

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