The Great Star Trek DS9: Civil Defense

Whilst updating the station computers, O’Brien and Jake accidentally trigger an old Cardassian security program designed to quell a workers’ revolt. Now, the entire station has gone into lockdown, and only a high level Cardassian access code can deactivate the program before it triggers DS9’s self destruct.

Even though I’d hope that Starfleet has better computer security, this is still an enjoyable episode. We know that everything will be fine in the end, but even so we can be entertained as every attempt to fix the situation just makes things worse – to the point where there are deadly shots being fired from the replicator, Gul Dukat is in Ops, and the self-destruct is on an unstoppable countdown. Perhaps Dukat’s attempt to extort Kira could have been made more of, to increase the jeopardy, but again we’re constrained by having to fit everything in within a forty-two minute timespan.

Trust no-one

  • This episode is great for seeing Garak and Gul Dukat at loggerheads. It is implied that Garak turned in Dukat’s father as a traitor.
  • Dukat is married, but Garak thinks he has eyes for Major Kira.
  • Odo was not trusted to remain loyal in a Bajoran revolt, so a separate forcefield was set up around his office.
  • Kira trying to disable life support by shooting the Ops console seems like a 24th century equivalent of trying to destroy a computer by shooting a keyboard or monitor. Surely life support is a massive, station-wide system that cannot be destroyed just by shooting at its main control console.
  • One of Quark’s many cousins owns his own moon.

Summary – Civil Defense: The main characters did their best, but let’s spare a thought for that random guy in Ops who gets vaporised.

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