The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Visionary

When a conduit explosion leaves O’Brien with a mild case of radiation poisoning, it also results in an unexpected side effect. O’Brien begins periodically jumping a few hours into the future, at first witnessing inconsequential events, then his own death and the destruction of the station. Can O’Brien use this knowledge of the near future to save both DS9 and his own life?

Again, we have a fairly standard storyline here – character starts seeing future visions which start off trivial, and eventually get more dire and portentous. As usual, O’Brien is the unlucky one, but even though DS9’s chief engineer can rarely catch a break, this is a well-done episode. The plot is engaging, if not especially original, and has a good mix of both serious and comical elements. It also features Romulan, who have mostly taken a backseat to Cardassians and Klingons on the DS9 stage.

Double O’Brien

  • The dartboard is now installed at Quark’s, and will be the focus of many games between O’Brien and Bashir.
  • Hyronalin is used as a radiation treatment – this was of course first introduced in TOS.
  • The Romulans have yet to explore the Gamma Quadrant for themselves, and, thanks to Dominion threat, would rather just close the wormhole and keep the Alpha Quadrant separate.
  • Even the Romulans suspect that Odo has feelings for Kira. Kira herself remains oblivious, and she and Odo even joke about it being ridiculous. Poor Odo.
  • Unlike the Enterprise-D, which got blown up in several alternate timelines, this is the one and only time we see DS9 gettting destroyed.

Summary – Visionary: “I hate temporal mechanics!”

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