The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Through the Looking Glass

When the mirror universe Sisko is killed, Miles “Smiley” O’Brien kidnaps the prime universe Sisko to take his place for an important mission. Sisko’s wife Jennifer is alive and well in the mirror universe, and she’s working on a device that would allow the Alliance to track down and exterminate Sisko’s Terran rebellion. Can Sisko successfully take the place of his mirror universe counterpart and convince Jennifer to switch sides?

If there’s one thing to be said about the mirror universe, it’s that it’s sexier than our universe. I’d sleep with Sisko, Dax and Kira in the mirror universe – perhaps all at the same time. So I’m happy to enjoy another romp in this alternate world, this time with added Jennifer and Sisko. Sisko takes to the mirror universe with ease, perhaps enjoying the freedoms it gives him – freedom not only to sleep with Dax and punch Bashir, but to be a more flamboyant, larger-than-life character than he can be within Starfleet restrictions. When Avery Brooks is having fun, everyone has fun.

Mirror Updates

  • Sisko is now dead, forcing prime Sisko to take his place for this one mission.
  • Kira is still Intendant, and, given her approaches to both male and female slaves, might actually be Star Trek’s only openly bisexual character.
  • O’Brien has accepted his “Smiley” nickname and is now an important member of the Terran Rebellion.
  • Garak is still second-in-command on Terok Nor, and has yet to kill Intendant Kira.
  • Bashir is a member of the Terran Rebellion, with a penchant for wearing his hair long and disagreeing with Sisko wherever possible.
  • Dax is Sisko’s mistress, and a member of the Terran Rebellion. When I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to cut off the long hair I’d had since childhood and have it in the mirror Dax style, but it took a while to persuade my mother to let me have short hair.
  • Rom is a member of the Terran Rebellion who pretends to betray them as part of Sisko’s plan. He is tortured and killed by Garak.
  • Tuvok is also a member of the Terran Rebellion, where he remains as logical as his prime universe counterpart.
  • Jennifer is still alive, and is a professor from a privileged Terran family. She initially works for the Alliance because she believes the rebellion has caused too much bloodshed and destruction, but is won over by Prime Sisko. She is smart enough to deduce that Prime Sisko is not the same person as the man she married.

Other points

  • Smiley O’Brien now has a modified transporter that lets him transport between prime and mirror universes.
  • None of the Terrans have so far asked just to be beamed to the prime universe, where they could have a cushy life. I guess many of them don’t even know that it’s an option at this point.
  • Morn has more than one heart.
  • Why has no one ever changed the authorisation code on mirror Terok Nor, or at least locked it down to biometric recognition of only the Intendant and perhaps Garak?

Summary – Through the Looking Glass: “I think you’ll find that random and unprovoked executions will keep your entire workforce alert and motivated.”

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