The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Return to Grace

When Kira is sent to attend a Cardassian conference, her escort there is none other than Gul Dukat, who has been demoted to the position of freighter captain. But when they arrive to find a Klingon bird-of-prey has destroyed the conference and killed all the delegates, Kira and Dukat decide to work together to bring the Klingons to justice.

The spiritual successor to Indiscretion, Return to Grace brings back not only Tora Ziyal, but the Dukat-Kira dynamic, as these two former adversaries must once again work together for a common goal. Dukat’s career has fallen on hard times since he brought his illegitimate daughter home, but he’s still as suave, charismatic and ambitious as ever – and for all that Kira still hates him, Ziyal loves and admires him. We know that Kira cannot and probably should not ever forgive Dukat for overseeing the Occupation, but they still work well together.

But whilst this episode is enjoyable in itself, it does feel like it might be the point where Dukat’s character goes off the rails a bit. He’s now a one-man avenging force, who will later become the villainous face of the Cardassian-Dominion alliance before going completely insane and getting involved with Pah-wraiths. If that all feels a bit over the top, that’s because it is.

Points of note

  • Since the replacement of the Cardassian government, their health system is in shambles. The old government probably kept the trains running on time too.
  • Federation phaser rifles are said to be more advanced and complicated to learn than their Cardassian equivalents.
  • Either Kira is an excellent hacker or reverse engineer, or Klingon systems have just as poor security as Starfleet does.
  • This episode introduces the character of Damar, who will become important later on.

Summary – Return to Grace: In which Kira is sent to a conference on an outpost named after a mild curry, and ends up working with Dukat yet again.

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