The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Sons of Mogh

When Worf’s brother Kurn arrives on DS9, he isn’t there purely for a social call. Worf’s decision to oppose Gowron’s attack on Cardassia left his family stripped of land, title and honour, and Kurn cannot endure living in disgrace. Kurn believes his only choice is to have Worf kill him, but can Worf really get away with performing a Klingon ritual on a Federation station?

I didn’t like this episode the first time I saw it, and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to it. Much as I enjoy a good Klingon romp, they do take their honour to extremes, and this episode both feels like a waste of a decent recurring character, and a poor man’s retread of Ethics, albeit with Worf wanting to kill his brother instead of himself. After reiterating the oft-belaboured points of the importance of honour, the difficulty of living outside the Klingon boys’ club, and how Worf isn’t really like other Klingons, the episode then cops out anyway with the old memory wipe trick. In many ways, it’s a criminal waste of Tony Todd, who was so excellent as old Jake in The Visitor.

Points of note

  • Aren’t all of Noggra’s friends and real family going to wonder about the appearance of his previously unmentioned son? Will they have to be let in on the secret, or will “Rodek” be kept in isolation? Will Noggra himself have to move to a new town where no one knows him, so that “Rodek” can start afresh?
  • Dax is a real Klingon groupie in this episode – she spars with Worf, sticks up for him in front of Sisko and even recognises the incense needed for the Mauk’to’Vor ritual. She’s such a fangirl, it’s no wonder she wants to bang Worf.
  • Worf should have known that his Starfleet superiors take a dim view of Klingon killing rituals – after all, Captain Picard was unhappy when he killed Duras.
  • Worf’s “I have no family” is a bit harsh on his adoptive parents and Alexander.
  • Once again, Star Trek plays fast and loose with the idea of altering someone’s genetic code. I guess by this point I don’t even need to keep going on about it.

Summary – Sons of Mogh: DS9 gets rid of yet another recurring character.

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