The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Shattered Mirror

The Terrans of the mirror universe have taken control of their version of DS9, but holding it won’t be an easy task. To that end, mirror Jennifer lures Jake and Ben Sisko over to the mirror universe, so that Sisko can help with the Terrans’ latest project – a copy of the Defiant. Whilst Jake delights in getting a second chance with his ‘mother’, Sisko has little choice but to aid the Terran rebellion.

Whilst this isn’t a particularly bad episode, slowly but surely the mirror universe is starting to outlive its welcome. The novelty is wearing off, and I’m starting to ask questions about awkward things like the Prime Directive. Yes, it’s great to see Jennifer again, but now Jake and Sisko have to live with the added trauma of having lived through her death twice. It’s bad enough for Ben, but Jake has had to see his mother die twice before even reaching adulthood. Poor kid.

Mirror universe updates

  • Worf appears in the mirror universe for the first time, as a high ranking Klingon – The Regent.
  • Kira has been deposed and captured by the rebellion, but of course she manages to escape, killing Nog and Jennifer along the way.
  • Garak is now Worf’s chew toy, forced to live on the end of a chain and suck up to his new master.
  • O’Brien has spent the last year building a replica of the Defiant from plans he acquired from the prime DS9.
  • Bashir is a rebel leader, with a bad attitude and an old turn of accent – he seems to be trying to do Bad Cockney every so often.
  • Dax is angry at prime Sisko for making love to her under false pretences, and has now taken up with Bashir.
  • Nog is now proprietor of the bar, and in gratitude he frees Kira – only to get killed. We’ve now run out of Ferengi to kill in the next mirror universe episode.
  • Jennifer is still working for the rebellion, and is quite taken with Jake – the son she never had. She suffers a fatal disruptor wound at the hands of Intendant Kira, sacrificing her life for Jake.

Other points

  • Does interfering in the events of the mirror universe somehow not fall within the remit of the Prime Directive? Does it not count because Sisko et al are helping fellow humans, or because no one really gives a damn? I bet Picard wouldn’t have interfered.
  • Jake has inherited his father and grandfather’s talent for cooking.
  • Alliance warships are so useless that they can easily be fooled by warp shadows.

Summary – Shattered Mirror: Jake regains his mother, only to lose her again.

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