The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Looking for Par’mach in all the Wrong Places

When Quark’s Klingon ex-wife Grilka arrives on DS9, Worf is so taken with her that he decides he must pursue her. But when this proves to be impossible, Worf instead finds himself helping Quark to win her over – with Dax’s assistance. Will Worf snap out of his lust for Grilka in time to notice Dax’s feelings for him? And will Kira’s new living arrangement with the O’Briens lead to tensions between herself and Miles?

It’s the official rom-com episode of DS9, with lusts and sexual tensions aplenty. Grilka is not nearly as awesome a K’Ehleyr, but she floats Worf’s boat enough for him to start picking fights and throwing things around – classic Klingon flirting behaviour. Unfortunately, due to his dishonour, it is not to be, and he has to instead settle for teaching Quark how to please a Klingon woman. At his side throughout all this is Dax, and she’s just about ready to make her own feelings known. Dax loves Klingon culture, and she likes a challenge, so she wants nothing more than get close to Worf and help him loosen up a bit. Their relationship will be the focal point of many episodes to come, and I’m interested to see how I feel about it this time. I get annoyed with Worf when he’s being inflexible, but I do like it when he acts like part of the team.

Meanwhile, Kira and O’Brien’s newfound physical proximity is leading to tensions – initially of the argumentative kind, but later leading to some definite sexual attraction. I can understand how the odd situation and living arrangements could lead to such a thing, but it does feel a bit heteronormative that Kira talks about carrying O’Brien’s baby, and feels a closeness to him, when Keiko is as much a part of both the baby and the menage a trois. I guess it would have been have been far too ahead of its time for Kira and Keiko to have felt attracted to each other, or for a polyamorous relationship to have sprung up.

Other points

  • Klingon sex is still as physically taxing as ever. I feel sorry for Dax, if she’s going to end up with broken ribs every time she sleeps with Worf.
  • The writers manage to slip in some popular song lyrics when Quark says “War! What is it good for? If you ask me, absolutely nothing”. Of course, this is at odds with the 34th Rule of Acquisition – “War is good for business” – but Quark was probably just making small talk.

Summary – Looking for Par’mach in all the Wrong Places: In which Dax finally gets to bang a Klingon.

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