The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch Let He Who is Without Sin

When Dax and Worf go on holiday to Risa, it is far from the relaxing vacation they intended. Not only do Bashir, Leeta and Quark all insist on tagging along, but Worf finds himself unable to relax – and is disturbed by Jadzia’s carefree nature. Can this unlikely couple really make things work between them?

I want to say that I wasn’t looking forward to this episode, but actually, in some twisted, perverse way I was – just to reconfirm to myself that I really do dislike it. Unlike the delightful romp that was Captain’s Holidau, Let He Who is Without Sin is quite a tedious ‘staid character goes to Risa’ story, which mostly features Worf acting like a real jerk. I can understand as well as the next introvert how a ‘fun’ holiday can also be draining, but it’s not just about Worf being uncomfortable – he is critical and mistrustful of Jadzia, to the extent of committing a criminal act just to ruin everybody’s fun. His explanation of why he has learnt to be so restrained does go some way towards restoring his character, but ultimately Worf can’t escape the fact that his worst traits are on display here. Relationships do involve some compromise, but Jadzia shouldn’t have to become a prim, demure little woman just to keep a man.

Bits and pieces

  • Bashir and Leeta break up in this episode, as Leeta wishes to pursue Rom instead. Ultimately, she will end up marrying Rom.
  • Disabling the weather grid is surely a criminal act, yet Worf is not prosecuted or reprimanded for it. Risa may be lax, but it’s still governed by Federation law. And Worf’s a Starfleet officer – he should know better.
  • This is our first confirmation that Dax’s spots really do go all the way down, as we see her in a bathing suit.
  • Curzon’s death was caused by jamaharon. Since he passed away on the Trill homeworld, we can assume that he had a heart attack during jamaharon on Risa, and was rushed home in a critical state so that the symbiont could be saved.
  • Worf explains that his stoic restraint originates from an incident where he accidentally killed a human boy during a football match due to his superior Klingon strength.
  • Jadzia has been having dinner with her ex-lover Captain Boday, the Gallimite captain with the transparent skull. He was last mentioned in The Maquis, when Kira and Dax discussed him.

Summary – Let He Who is Without Sin: Worf stubbornly clenches around that rod up his backside.

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