The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Ferengi Love Songs

When the latest outbreak of Cardassian voles at his bar proves to be too much for Quark, he decides to raise his spirits by paying a visit to his mother on Ferenginar. Unfortunately, Quark’s plans for a quiet holiday are swiftly ruined when he discovers that his mother has a new lover – Grand Nagus Zek. Meanwhile, back on DS9, Rom and Leeta must face up to their cultural differences when they decide to get married.

Just two episodes after Business as Usual, we’re given a full-blown Ferengi episode, complete with all the characters you’ve grown to endure rather than love – Liquidator Brunt, Grand Nagus Zek, and Quark’s mother Ishka. Unless you’re a big fan of Ferengi antics, this is an episode you must sit through rather than enjoy, as Quark’s attempts to play the situation for his own gain predictably backfire, forcing him to attempt to fix everything by the end.

Meanwhile, on the station, Rom and Leeta – that well-meaning but never particularly fascinating couple – have decided to get married mere weeks after they first started going out. There’s probably a point to be made here about adaptation and compromise in relationships, but we all know that Leeta is never going to act like a Ferengi woman, and we’re all glad for it.

Life on DS9

  • Leeta is seen working at the jumja stall whilst the bar is closed.
  • Quark’s business licence is finally restored in this episode, allowing him to trade with other Ferengi once again.
  • Despite not being allowed to wear clothes or make profit, Ferengi females are allowed to play each other at the Global Tongo championships. Presumably they do so naked, and do not play for real latinum.

Summary – Ferengi Love Songs: “Don’t you think of anyone but yourself?!”

“Of course I do. I just think about myself first.”

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