The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Blaze of Glory

When DS9 receives word that the Maquis are sending missiles to attack Cardassia, Sisko knows he must act before the Alpha Quadrant erupts into war. To that end, he enlists the help of the imprisoned Michael Eddington to track down the Maquis and put a stop to the attack. Meanwhile, Nog struggles to get the Klingons on the station to respect him during his placement as a security officer.

When it comes to Blaze of Glory, I’m torn between “not another Maquis episode” and “thank god that’s finally over”. This time around, I haven’t really enjoyed the Maquis storyline, and Eddington’s constant Les Miserables rhetoric in For the Uniform was almost too much to bear. This episode is a bit more serviceable, but even so, I don’t care for it much other than as a vehicle to tie up loose ends before the Dominion War story kicks off. The last minute revelation that Eddington isn’t all bad and even has a beloved wife, is too little too late – he was dull as a Starfleet officer, a bit crazy as a Maquis, and never a character I could behind as either a hero or a villain. At least his death means he won’t be coming back.

The B-story about Nog trying to get the respect of the Klingons is a predictable one, but it’s still entertaining to watch, and a much needed break from all the Maquis melodrama.

Points of note

  • One from the last episode – Molly was a popular name on Gaia. I hope this started in the second generation to be born on the planet, as it would have been a little odd and maybe even creepy for O’Brien to have had a second daughter named Molly with his new wife. Also, why weren’t the original crew also popular namesakes?
  • In the past, Sisko has used DS9’s hydroponics garden to grow real vegetables instead of relying on replicated ones.
  • I wasn’t a fan of Dax’s final remarks to Sisko. I felt she was needlessly romanticising what was ultimately a pointless and unfortunate death. I think sometimes Dax forgets we’re not all Klingons looking for a glorious day to die.
  • Kira is delighted when Nog finds a lost piece of her earring. A few years ago, she would have been accusing him of being the one who stole it – and she may well have been correct.
  • Isn’t Promenade security a matter for Odo and his Bajoran team? He’s always been very protective of it before.

Summary – Blaze of Glory: “It’s about respect.”

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