The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Favor the Bold

The Dominion is winning the war, and for the Federation, the situation looks bleak. On DS9, plans are afoot to take down the minefield blocking the wormhole, and Rom’s attempts to sabotage those plans have landed him in a holding cell, awaiting execution. But whilst Kira tries to save Rom’s life, on the outside, Sisko is hatching a bold plan – to retake the station.

We’re onto part five of the six-part Occupation of DS9 arc, and this episode is all about gearing up for the final battle. On DS9, Rom’s life is in danger, the minefield is about to be deactivated, and Kira’s fledgeling resistance must rely on Morn of all people to get a message out. Meanwhile, Sisko knows that the only way to turn the tide of the war and raise Federation morale is to retake the most important asset in the war – Deep Space Nine itself. And after, given the title of the show, how much longer could we leave the station in enemy hands?

Vorta factbox

  • The Vorta have no sense of aesthetics, and are unable to enjoy art, music or similar pursuits. That being said, I didn’t think much of the painting Weyoun was looking at – although the one that Ziyal is drawing later in the episode is a lot better.
  • The Vorta have weak eyes, but very sharp ears.

Other points

  • Damar is still being portrayed as a bumbling buffoon.
  • Odo and the Female Changeling have a go at humanoid sex. Odo claims to have done it before, but “not often” – admit it Odo, it was just the once with Arissa. There’s no need to be ashamed.
  • Nog has been given a field promotion to ensign, which means he now outranks O’Brien.
  • We get a very quick look at a battle mission with Dax in command of the Defiant, before she hands it back to Sisko.
  • In this episode, we learn of Sisko’s love for Bajor, and how he plans to retire there. It’s good that he’s come so far since his initial reluctance to even command DS9, but I was surprised at how much he loves Bajor now. He still has family ties on Earth, after all.

Summary – Favor the Bold: There’s an old saying: Fortune favors the bold. Well, I guess we’re about to find out.”

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