The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Sacrifice of Angels

Sisko’s fleet has assembled, and the time has come to make a daring assault on DS9. But it’s a race against time, as Dukat and Weyoun are mere hours away from deactivating the minefield around the wormhole and summoning thousands of Dominion reinforcements. With the fate of the Alpha Quadrant at stake, who will emerge triumphant?

As the finale of the six-part season opener, Sacrifice of Angels has its work cut out for it – and unfortunately it does cut some corners to get there. Yes, there’s a big space battle, some tactical manoeuvring and acts of heroism from the most unexpected of corners, but there’s also a bit too much of the old deus ex machina rearing its ugly head. The writers say they chose to do this to advance Sisko’s relationship with the Prophets, but that hardly makes it better. I don’t like the Prophets storyline at the best of times.

The Good

  • Big space battles with starships getting torn apart!
  • Quark realising that everyone else has been arrested and that if the day is to be saved, it’s up to him and him alone.

The Bad

  • Odo’s desire to bone Kira being the one thing that stops him joining the Great Link. Indeed, it’s going to ultimately be the thing that saves the Alpha Quadrant, as Odo will be able to take his message of love and cooperation with the solids back to his people at the end of the series.
  • Sisko getting the Prophets to destroy the Dominion reinforcements. All of the killing of thousands of people, with none of the fuss! I guess it doesn’t matter, since they were faceless Jem’Hadar and Vorta – but, mass killings aside, it’s a very cheap way to get rid of the threat.
  • The pointless death of Ziyal, and what it does to Dukat’s sanity.

Other points

  • Hasperat soufflé is introduced in this episode. Since hasperat has been presented as a sort of briny tasting wrap, what’s in this soufflé?
  • Once again, the Jem’Hadar, genetically engineered super-warriors, are defeated with ease.
  • The Prophets hint that Sisko will find no peace on Bajor – indeed, instead of getting his retirement home, he will be summoned back to them at the end of season seven.
  • Similarly, the Female Changeling says it’s just a matter of time until Odo rejoins the Great Link, which will also happen at the end of the series.

Summary – Sacrifice of Angels: Wouldn’t it be nice if Sisko could solve his own problems without having to go crying to the Prophets?

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