The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: You Are Cordially Invited

With Alexander about to be deployed onto a new ship, Dax and Worf decide to hold their wedding right away. But whilst Worf puts his best friends through the tortuous equivalent of a Klingon bachelor party, Dax must impress Martok’s wife if she is to be accepted into their family.

I always had the impression that I liked this episode, until I rewatched it about a year ago. Even though I’m not totally on board with the Dax-Worf relationship, the weddiing was bound to be a spectacle, and the fact that Dax looks stunning in her wedding dress was just the icing on the cake.

But I soon found that the reason I liked the episode was because I consistently misremembered how the Sirella storyline panned out. In all previous episodes, the point of any Klingon ritual has been to prove that you aren’t a pushover, and react aggressively. It’s not unreasonable to expect that the point of Sirella bullying Dax is to make Dax stand up for herself and prove herself a true Klingon at heart. But no, the point is merely to bully Dax into being compliant and obedient – and even her best friend Benjamin Sisko isn’t on Jadzia’s side. Given that Dax is already deferring to Worf for all the details of the wedding, this episode is hardly portraying the future as an enlightened bastion of equality.

Wedding Bells

  • It’s a bit of a shame that all Worf’s friends from the Enterprise couldn’t attend the wedding – although I guess the excuse for not forking out for that was that were rushing the ceremony so that Alexander could attend.
  • Dax says she has been married five times before, presumably as Lela, Tobin, Emony, Audrid and Torias (“three as a bride, two as a groom”). It seems unlikely that Joran ever married, and whilst the possibility exists that Curzon got married at least once and then divorced, he probably either disdained the institution, or did it Las Vegas style.
  • Throughout this episode, Odo avoids Kira, until they finally talk things out at Dax’s party.
  • Both Leeta and Dax seem very taken with Atoa – would they have cheated on their partners to get close to those muscles?
  • This episode gives more weight to the power of Klingon women, who were previously portrayed as not being able to lead Great Houses or serve on the Council. As with other largely patriarchal societies, it’s not unusual for matriarchs to wield great power in the home, especially over younger women intending to join the family.
  • A Captain Shelby is mentioned in this episode, but we don’t know whether it is the same Shelby from The Best of Both Worlds.

Summary – You Are Cordially Invited: “Kill Worf.”

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