The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Resurrection

When a stranger beams into Ops, the senior crew are surprised to discover that it is none other than Bareil Antos – who died several years. But this incarnation of Bareil is from the mirror universe, and he is very different from the deceased vedek. Nonetheless, Kira finds herself drawn to Bareil, and the two embark on a relationship. But this Bareil was once a con artist and a thief – can such a man really change his life for the better?

There are lots of reasons not to like this episode. The mirror universe is wearing thin as a plot device; Bareil being a conflicted man whose newfound conscience is at odds with his original mission is hardly an original plot device, and mirror Bareil cannot escape the woodenness of his original incarnation. That being said, as a throwaway one-off romp, I quite enjoy it. It’s a chance for Kira to have a bit of fun without any long-term consequences – as Quark says, going out with a bad boy instead of a straight-laced pillar of the community is something different for her. Plus the Intendant is crazier and sexier than ever – had this show aired a couple of decades later, you just know that Intendant Kira and Major Kira would have gotten it on. I bet Bareil would have loved to be in the middle of that sandwich.

Mirror characters

  • The only new mirror universe character in this episode is Bareil. Unlike the pious vedek, this Bareil is an opportunist and a thief, who enjoys life’s pleasures.
  • In the mirror universe, Kira’s homeland in Dahkur Province is a mining operation rather than farmland.
  • Alvas are a common fruit on Prime Bajor, but are unknown on Mirror Bajor. Perhaps in this alternate universe, they were never cultivated, or were wiped out by some disease.

Points of note

  • As I’ve been saying since the start, having a transporter pad in Ops isn’t a great idea. Even though there’s no real peril here, a hostage situation does occur.
  • What exactly is a ‘decryption matrix’? It doesn’t sound like a security protocol, it sounds like something for decrypted encrypted communications. And what’s the point of even having it if it can be bypassed relatively easily?
  • Mere minutes after saying that it’s a bad idea for him to enter the shrine, Bareil decides to do just that. Amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be much of a commotion from the congregation at the sight of their beloved vedek, back from the dead.

Summary – Resurrection: Even when you kill off a recurring character, you can always bring in their mirror universe counterpart.

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