The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Magnificent Ferengi

When Quark’s mother is captured by the Dominion, the Grand Nagus offers Quark fifty bars of latinum as an incentive for rescuing her. Determined to get his mother back – and claim the reward – Quark puts together a crack team of Ferengi to launch a rescue mission. But can this ragtag bunch of unlikely heroes really outwit the Dominion?

It’s about that time in the season when we’re treated to a silly Ferengi episode, and when I saw this one coming up, I can’t say I was looking forward to it. That being said, as Ferengi romps go, this one isn’t too bad – in fact, I was quite enjoying myself up until the point where Gaila accidentally shoots Keevan. At that point, the episode does tip over into pure farce, and all you can do is ride it out until the end.

The Magnificent Six

  • Quark leads the team, and tries to keep the true value of the reward to himself and Rom, telling the others to expect a share of a mere twenty bars of latinum.
  • Rom is convinced to help when Quark tells him about the reward, overcoming his initial reluctance to stay at home on DS9.
  • Nog is persuaded to join the team when Quark says he can be ‘strategic operations officer’. Although Nog’s attempts to train the Ferengi as if they were in Starfleet fails, he is still invaluable to the mission.
  • When I wrote up Business As Usual, I forgot that Gaila didn’t actually die – here, Quark buys his release from prison, which seems to be enough to quell the bulk of Gaila’s hostility towards him.
  • Leck is a Ferengi mercenary who cares more about testing his skills on difficult missions than he does about profit.
  • Former Liquidator Brunt tags along for the ride, hoping that he can get into the Nagus’ good graces once again. The others accept him because he has his own ship.

Other bits and pieces

  • The prisoner exchange takes place aboard Empok Nor, last seen in the episode of the same name.
  • Keevan is the Vorta who surrendered himself to Starfleet at the end of Rocks and Shoals, in the hopes of sitting out the rest of the conflict as a prisoner of war. Whilst the Dominion aren’t interested in having him back for his own sake (after all, they can always clone another Keevan), they would like to interrogate him.
  • After Quark persuades Yelgrun to send away most of his Jem’Hadar, the Ferengi could have just taken the last two guards by surprise and rescued Ishka by force – after all, this is pretty much what they end up doing once their ruse is discovered. I guess that at least Ishka’s life is in much less danger with events as they ultimately played out.
  • If syrup of squill is so rare, why not flood the market with a replicated version? I know some things can’t be replicated, but I can’t believe that this is one of them.
  • Whilst the Ferengi are portrayed here as being generally incapable of combat – with their one famous battle basically being a time when ten Ferengi were slaughtered – we have to remember that, back in the TNG days, they were an aggressive and fearsome foe. Recall the difficulties the Federation had with the Ferengi back in the day.

Summary – The Magnificent Ferengi: Silly Ferengi romp that is mostly watchable.

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