The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Who Mourns for Morn?

When Morn unexpectedly passes away, he leaves his entire estate to Quark – which, to Quark’s dismay, doesn’t seem to amount to much. As Quark tries to figure out where Morn might have hidden his supposed fortune of a thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum, various associates of the deceased barfly start showing up to claim their share. Can Quark figure out where the money is without suffering from an unfortunate accident?

After six seasons, it was inevitable that there would be an episode centred on DS9’s longest serving recurring character – the barfly Morn. It’s a running joke that all the other characters says Morn is a talkative character who never shuts up, whilst on screen we haven’t heard him utter a single line. Similarly, this episode, which is ostensibly about Morn, barely features him at all – thanks to his apparent death.

Instead, what we have is a standard but entertaining adventure starring Quark, who is trying to track down Morn’s mystery stash of latinum whilst appeasing various characters from Morn’s past. It’s a by-the-book experience, but nonetheless one that’s good fun, and definitely worth watching. Unlike some of the sillier Ferengi episodes, this is a welcome touch of light relief amongst the more serious Dominion War stories.

Points of note

  • This is the first episode where we learn about the true nature of gold pressed latinum. The actual latinum is a liquid, small amounts of which are suspended in ‘worthless gold’. As I commented at the time, various solid golden objects seen in earlier seasons were described as ‘latinum’ – the most pleasing and plausible in-universe explanation for this is that they were latinum alloys of some sort.
  • As always, I have to point out that whilst Quark considers gold worthless, the Ferengi in TNG were quite taken with gold.
  • Jadzia claims that she used to have a crush on Morn, but that he wasn’t interested. In fact, back in season one, Morn did indeed ask Jadzia out, and she considered it but ultimately refused.
  • Morn’s painting is the one he purchased back in In the Cards.

Summary – Who Mourns for Morn?: Morn has never spoken onscreen, and he never will.

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