The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: His Way

Dr Bashir unveils his latest holosuite program – a 1950s nightclub starring sentient hologram Vic Fontaine. When Vic shows amazing insights into the relationships of the senior crew, Odo decides to enlist his help in winning the heart of Major Kira.

As with Section 31, I was surprised to realise just how late Vic Fontaine appears on the show – I remember getting a CD of James Darren’s songs from the show in my late teens, and it felt like his character must have been around since season five. Indeed, the songs are good stuff, and they add an extra something to what is otherwise quite a standard “shy boy gets the girl” story.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of stories where the aim is for the man to essentially figure out how to wear the object of his affections down until she says yes to him. Odo has pined for Kira for years now, and although it’s never felt that she’s ever regarded him as more than a friend, this episode feels like the final wearing down of her resistance. It’s not a particularly bad episode, I just want to see a bit more from Kira’s point of view, get a sense of her starting to appreciate Odo as more than a friend, as someone she wants to embark on a relationship with. Instead, Kira’s feelings are unknown to us, and it’s Odo’s desires that drive the story.

It’s only a holographic moon

  • The Vic Fontaine holoprogram was written by Bashir’s friend Felix, author of the secret agent programs.
  • Once again, we see how easy it is to create a sentient hologram.
  • In the past, Kira has stated how much she dislikes the holosuite, and yet here we see her using the holosuite to meditate – something she could easily do at the shrine or in her own quarters.
  • Odo claims that he’s liked Kira for as long as he can remember, but in season one he was very committed to the idea that romance was a waste of time. Yes, he could have been hiding his feelings or lying to himself, but he seemed pretty sincere at the time.
  • Vic mentions that it was difficult to get a holographic image of Kira – Quark had just this problem was back in Meridian. Vic ultimately uses a modified Anastasia Komananov from the Our Man Bashir program.
  • Vic tells O’Brien “Don’t beat yourself up, pallie. Just because you miss your wife, doesn’t mean you’ve gone blind”. Is he implying that O’Brien is masturbating a lot whilst Keiko is away?

Summary – His Way: Then who needs dinner? Why don’t I get it over with and kiss you right now?”

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