The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Tears of the Prophets

Starfleet has finally heeded Sisko’s advice, and is ready to take the fight to the Dominion. Whilst a combined Federation, Klingon and Romulan fleet gathers for an attack on the Chin’toka system, Damar deploys a new weapons system to defend this weak point in Cardassian territory. Meanwhile, Dukat insists that he has a plan for bringing Dominion reinforcements through the wormhole.

Before we get to the main plot, let’s get the main thing out of the way – this is the episode where Jadzia dies. Terry Farrell was ready to move on, and so her character would not be making it to season seven – instead, she dies at the hands of a Pah-wraith-possessed Dukat. To pile it on, the episode also introduces Dax and Worf’s plan to have a baby – a future that we know from the start of the episode can never come to pass.

Obviously, I’m sad to see Jadzia go. I thought she was a great character – a strong female scientist with seven lifetimes of experience and a drive to live life to the fullest. Now, all we have to look forward to is Ezri, who can never replace Jadzia in our hearts.

Now onto the rest of the episode. Season six goes out with another giant space battle, albeit one in which it turns out to be amazingly easy to defeat the enemy superweapon. Meanwhile, the Prophets storyline ramps up, with Sisko being warned not to leave DS9, and Gul Dukat running around darkening orbs and closing the wormhole. There’s going to be a lot more of this in season seven, and I for one am not looking forward to it.

Thoughts and musings

  • What exactly is ovarian resequencing? Is it somehow going to rewrite Jadzia’s gametes to make them more compatible with Worf’s? Why doesn’t he have to undergo testicular resequencing?
  • I love the scepticism with which Weyoun and Damar greet Dukat’s insistence that he has an amazing plan. Yes, let’s keep the deluded man off screen and let the grown-ups attempt a more sophisticated storyline than “evil Pah-wraiths ruin everything”.
  • That being said, even the scientific approach is awful in this episode. Did Damar just buy the cheapest weapons system available instead of making one that where each platform had its own power supply? Why is it so easy to ‘imprint a Federation warp signature’ on the power station? I guess it could be an easy thing to do, since it’s utter bollocks.
  • Vic Fontaine is right about Quark and Bashir – they need to get over Jadzia. What did they think, if they hung around long enough she might break up with Worf, and then they could have a go? Worf didn’t even show up until season four – she plainly wasn’t interested in either of you even when he wasn’t around. Of course, that’s all going to be ruined when Bashir gets the girl in season seven. Stupid Ezri.
  • Sisko is awarded the Christopher Pike medal – named of course for Kirk’s predecessor as captain of the original Enterprise.
  • At the end of season five, Sisko left his baseball in his office as a message that he intended to return. This time, he takes the baseball with him, leading Kira to realise that this time, he may not be coming back.
  • Even though Worf is technically first officer of the Defiant, and Kira of the station, it is Kira who takes command when Sisko leaves the bridge. Presumably the Bajoran non-aggression pact with the Dominion has also expired by this point.
  • Even though it’s just so that Dax can be killed, this is the first time Sisko sensibly leaves a senior office in charge of DS9 whilst everyone else heads off in the Defiant.

Summary – Tears of the Prophets: No more Jadzia.

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