The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Take Me Out to the Holosuite

When Captain Solok brings his ship to DS9 for repairs, he takes the opportunity to challenge Sisko to a game of baseball. Solok and his crew are all Vulcans, and Solok has spent years using Sisko as an example of why Vulcans are inherently superior to humans. Determined to finally prove otherwise, Sisko gathers his friends and crew to form a baseball team – but is two weeks really enough to take them from zero to hero?

It was inevitable that DS9 would fit in a baseball episode before the end of its run, and here it is. As with the comedic Ferengi episodes, I wasn’t looking forward to this, but actually, it’s not too bad. Maybe it’s because I watched Moneyball a couple of nights prior to this, but I was feeling well disposed towards baseball, and this is the standard story of a group of eclectic misfits trying to beat a slick, superior team. For once, the underdogs do not come from behind to take the win, but everyone has a good time anyway. And with so many serious episodes before and after this one, it’s nice to have something a bit lighter to enjoy.

Points of note

  • Like the USS Intrepid in TOS, the T’Kumbra is crewed entirely by Vulcans. Even in the 24th century, it seems that there are still tensions between Vulcans and humans, even though they are meant to be best friends in Federation terms.
  • Rom’s last minute substitution and fortuitous accidental bunt almost exactly echo the events of the third season Simpsons episode Homer at the Bat.
  • Despite some initial difficulty, Ezri is able to channel the athleticism of former host Emony Dax.
  • Solok mentions Sisko’s Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, which was awarded at the end of season six.
  • Sisko talks about having challenged Solok to a wrestling match whilst they were both at Starfleet Academy. The last time Sisko’s Academy days wrestling was mentioned was way back in season one’s Q-Less.

Summary – Take Me Out to the Holosuite: Not even the best baseball feature I’ve seen this week, but still reasonably entertaining.

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