The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Chrysalis

When Bashir’s genetically engineered friends return to DS9, it is in the hopes that the good doctor has finalised a method for rousing Sarina from her cataleptic state. With some help from the others, Bashir is able to do just that, transforming the formerly withdrawn and unresponsive Sarina into an intelligent and insightful young woman.

I wasn’t a massive fan of Statistical Probabilities, and I’m similarly ambivalent about this follow-up episode. I like the Flowers for Algernon vibe of Sarina’s transformation from unresponsive cataleptic to lively young woman, all the while overshadowed by the fear that it simply may not last. She even becomes smarter than her ‘creator’ Bashir, just as Charley became smarter than the scientist who enhanced his intellect.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episode is pedestrian. Bashir creates his dream woman, but ultimately she isn’t yet emotionally mature enough to want a relationship with him. The other mutants remain as shallow and irritating as ever, and nothing much else happens in the episode. We even get a musical interlude.

Bits and pieces

  • Did Sarina manually try all six-digit combinations to get into Bashir’s quarters, or did she just write a bash script to run an exhaust? Also, we’ve never actually seen anyone type in a six-digit code to get into their quarters.
  • Any time Bashir gets a girlfriend, O’Brien gets sulky and jealous.

Summary – Chrysalis: “You can’t break the laws of physics – but you can bend them!”

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