The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Treachery, Faith and the Great River

When Odo receives a message from one of his Cardassian informants, he heads out to meet them – only to encounter Weyoun instead. Weyoun claims that he has realised the war is pointless, and that he wishes to defect to the Federation, but with numerous Jem’Hadar warships on their tail, can he and Odo make it back alive? Meanwhile, Nog sets up a series of trades in order to get Chief O’Brien a critical component for the Defiant.

Although I’m not a fan of season seven in general, there are a few episodes I was looking forward, and this was one of them. Unfortunately, it just didn’t quite gel for me this time. In my memory, I loved both storylines, but on this rewatch, neither seemed as compelling as I remembered.

Odo’s encounter with Weyouns VI and VII starts out well enough, balancing a good mix of space battles, tactics and dialogue – but given that Weyoun VI ultimately kills himself, it all feels a little “so what?” by the end. Meanwhile, Nog’s trading scheme – which sees him lend out Sisko’s desk, among other things – isn’t as much fun when it doesn’t feel like very long since you saw essentially the same story done better in In the Cards and Progress. In my memory, the Sisko’s desk debacle was a lot more amusing than it turned out to be under close inspection.

Vorta Factbox

Whether true or not, the Vorta believe that they were once simple, apelike creatures who lived in trees and feasted on nuts and berries. The legend goes that one Vorta family rescued a Changeling who was being pursued by ‘solids’, and in return the Founders transformed them into their current state, and made them important members of the Dominion.

Of course, this might all be a myth, and it certainly disagrees with Eris’ tale of how the Vorta came to be part of the Dominion, but since Eris was lying about practically everything, we can’t trust her word either.

Some other facts:

  • Vorta do not have much of a sense of taste, but they can enjoy the texture of different foodstuffs.
  • Vorta have an implant in the base of their necks which they can use to take their own lives.
  • Weyoun V, the Weyoun we have become familiar with during the Dominion War, died in a mysterious transporter accident. Weyoun VII is suspicious that Damar was responsible for his predecessor’s demise.
  • Vorta appear to retain the memories of previous clones in their respective series.

Other points

  • Even though we’ve seen Ferengi trading before, this is the first time that the concept of the ‘Great Material Continuum’ has been vocalised. It can be thought of as a river for getting surplus goods to the places where they are needed.
  • Starfleet chief Al Lorenzo has a hobby of photographing himself behind the desks of famous captains. His collection includes the desks of Captains Picard and DeSoto (of the USS Hood – Riker’s former commanding officer).
  • This is the first episode in which we learn that the Great Link is suffering from a deadly virus. Although Odo is the only one unaffected, he is actually the carrier of the virus, as he was infected by Section 31 way back in Home Front/Paradise Lost. Also, if the entire Great Link is infected, does this mean that travel to the Gamma Quadrant has been restored?
  • When life support is switched off in the runabout, Odo could have easily transformed himself into something that could better withstand the cold. Also, does Odo even need to breathe? Where does he get energy from, given that he doesn’t need to eat? Why haven’t I thought of this before?
  • Why do Jem’Hadar attack ships have such an easily exploitable weakness? Who’s building these things?
  • One from Take Me Out to the Holosuite – O’Brien injured his shoulder yet again. He’s already done so both playing darts and kayaking in the holosuite.

Summary – Treachery, Faith and the Great River: “Of course I’m paranoid, everyone’s trying to kill me!”

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