The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Once More Unto the Breach

When Worf is visited by Kor, the old Klingon master reveals he has come to ask for a favour. Kor is determined to participate in a great battle of the Dominion War, but so far, he has been unable to obtain his own command. As a favour, Worf gives Kor a commission on Martok’s ship – only to discover that Martok hates the old man. Can the two Klingons put their differences aside for long enough to conduct a daring raid on a Dominion base?

It’s another decent Klingon romp in this episode, which pits two characters I like against each other. I’ve always admired Martok and found him a robustly pragmatic personality, and I have every sympathy for him in this episode. We all have that one person in our lives who got away with acting like a complete cock towards us, but is generally lauded and admired by everyone else. But even though we know that Kor is a borderline alcoholic who is full of bullshit when it comes to tales of his past exploits, he’s been a likeable personality ever since Blood Oath. The conflict between these two characters adds some extra drama to an already solid Klingon story – and makes Kor’s last hurrah even more poignant. Have fun living it up with Jadzia, Kang and Koloth in Sto-vo-kor, old man.

Points of note

  • Martok was born a commoner, but passed his officer’s exam on the first try. Due to his heritage, Kor turned down his application, forcing Martok to work as a civilian labourer until he earned a battlefield commission.
  • Kor relates a tale of a battle against a Federation outpost – presumably this was either before the Organian treaty, or the Organians just ignored it.
  • Normally I’d be uncomfortable with the way Martok needles Kor and gets his officers to mock the old man, but Klingons aren’t supposed to be enlightened the way humans are, and often do bully and beat each other up, so actually it’s a good scene.
  • Kor and Worf share a bottle of the 2309 blood wine that Nog obtained in the previous episode.

Summary – Once More Unto the Breach: Good Klingon fun.

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