The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Emperor’s New Cloak

When Grand Nagus Zek is taken prisoner in the mirror universe, the alternate version of Ezri arrives in the prime universe to collect the ransom – a functioning cloaking device. With little other choice than to procure one for her, Quark and Rom accompany Ezri into the mirror universe, but rescuing Zek proves more difficult than they hoped.

The Emperor’s New Cloak is our last mirror universe episode and Ferengi adventure, and even though I’ve long since tired of both those strands, this episode does have its good points. So, without further ado, I present both the good and the bad:

The Good

  • Mirror Ezri is great. It’s also heavily implied that she’s a lesbian, so even though homosexuality only seems to be allowed in the evil mirror universe, at least it exists somewhere.
  • Fried tube grubs sound oddly appealing.
  • Quark, Rom and Zek taunting mirror Garak about how much worse he is than prime Garak.
  • Mirror Brunt actually being a nice person.
  • Rom standing up for himself when Mirror Garak bullies him – and also being smart enough to secretly sabotage Worf’s ship.

The Bad

  • Zek getting kidnapped and having to be rescued from the villains – we already did just this for Ishka when she was captured by the Dominion back in The Magnificent Ferengi.
  • Mirror Bashir still being an arse.
  • Quark and Rom carrying the cloaked cloaking device. The miming of carrying an object is terrible.
  • Rom being an idiot about the mirror universe and its differences from the prime universe.
  • Mirror Worf ripping his chair out of the floor during a temper tantrum.
  • Mirror Worf testing out a new knuckleduster by punching one of his crew in the face.
  • The pointless Mirror Vic Fontaine cameo, that makes no sense.
  • Zek not learning his lesson and still wanting to revisit the mirror universe, even after everything that just happened to him.

Mirror character update

  • As in the prime universe, Jadzia is now dead. It was never clarified as to whether she had been joined with the Dax symbiont.
  • Mirror Ezri is not joined. She is a mercenary who works for whoever will pay her. She’s also a tough, leather-clad lesbian, and much hotter than Prime Ezri.
  • Mirror Brunt is Ezri’s partner in crime, who has unrequited feelings for her. He is a loyal person, but like all other mirror Ferengi, he gets killed.
  • Mirror Vic Fontaine is a real human. He betrays Bashir and the rebels, and is killed. It may be that this means that the holographic Vic Fontaine is based on a real human back in the prime universe.
  • Mirror Garak seems to be back in Regent Worf’s good graces (at least, he’s no longer in bondage gear), but he meets his end in this episode.

Other points

  • Until this episode, cloaking devices apparently did not exist in the mirror universe – even though we have already seen Alliance ships decloaking back in Through the Looking Glass. The Enterprise episode about the mirror universe will also feature a cloaking device.
  • Quark finally admits his love for Dax – albeit to the unjoined Mirror Ezri.

Summary – The Emperor’s New Cloak: It’s not me, brother, it’s this alternate universe. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

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