The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Penumbra

When Worf is reported missing in action, Jadzia’s lingering feelings for him compel Ezri to mount a one-woman search. Meanwhile, Sisko starts planning his life after the war, and asks Kasidy to marry him.

The nine-part final arc kicks off in this episode, with the theme of relationships past and present. Sisko is busy doing what all doomed characters do – namely, planning a future for himself – only for the Prophets to warn him that this isn’t a good idea. To be honest, the Prophets come along as petulant and demanding in this regard, and really, why can’t Sisko have his future with Kasidy on Bajor? But more on that when we get to the season finale.

Meanwhile, Worf’s disappearance forces Ezri to confront the feelings carried over from Dax’s previous life, and she heads off to rescue him. The repartee between the two is great, as both keep crashing into the elephant in the room that is Jadzia, before giving in to a residual physical desire. We know it won’t – and indeed can’t – last, but it’s almost a relief to have them get it out of their system.

Other points

  • One from the previous episode – Ross and Bashir spoke ‘off the record’ by removing their comm badges. What does this actually do? We know comm badges still have power when they aren’t stuck to a uniform, and they are still close enough to likely pick up traces of speech.
  • The Vorta are busy researching a cure for the disease affecting the Founders. Again, if the wormhole is still closed to the Dominion, how do we know that it’s affecting the entire Great Link?
  • Ezi seems rather cavalier about having broken the reassociation rule, even though it is a massive taboo that could lead to the Dax symbiont being exiled from Trill and never getting another host.
  • Dukat is surgically transformed into a Bajoran in this episode, in the ongoing ‘Dukat gets ever more ridiculous’ saga.
  • This batch of three episodes was initially meant to be called “Penumbra”, “Umbra” and “Eclipse” as a clever nod to the approaching darkness – but ultimately these similar names proved too confusing.
  • This episode introduces the Breen as major players in the closing arc.

Summary – Penumbra: Worf and Ezri finally get it on.

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