The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Strange Bedfellows

When Kai Winn realises that she has been talking to the Pah-Wraiths instead of the Prophets, she is forced to confront the depths of her faith, and where she wants to go from here. Meanwhile, Ezri and Worf are brought to Cardassia Prime, where they are sentenced to death by Damar and Weyoun.

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with some storylines winding down, and others only now being put into play. Taking centre stage is Kai Winn, who finally realises that her visions and ‘Anjohl’ have nothing to do with the Prophets, and have instead been sent by the Pah-Wraiths. After struggling with this fact, Winn is horrified by Kira’s suggestion that she rediscovers her faith by stepping down as Kai; and since ambitious women are obviously the embodiment of evil, she decides to throw her lot in with the Pah-Wraiths instead. I’m not sure I believe this sudden turnaround – yes, Winn has been eternally frustrated by the fact that the Prophets have never responded to her faith and devotion, but would she really turn to the hated Pah-Wraiths so easily? I guess Dukat is just that good in bed – surgically altered cock or not.

Meanwhile, Ezri and Worf remain in captivity for most of the episode, which gives them the chance to finally put to bed any feelings they have for each other. They then get freed courtesy of Damar, who has finally started hating what he sees in the mirror each morning, not least because the Breen are now the Dominion’s new favourites. It’s true that Damar has never got on with Weyoun, and that his drinking has likely been an attempt to blot out the horrors of the war, but even so, this is an awfully convenient turn of events – the sort that happens six episodes before a series needs to end.

Points of Note

  • Weyoun VII is killed by Worf in this episode, leading to the introduction of the final Weyoun, Weyoun VIII.
  • Although the Breen are unintelligible to us, Dominion (and later Cardassian) universal translators are able to understand them.

Summary – Strange Bedfellows: Damar finally realises that the Cardassians are just Dominion cannon fodder.

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