The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: When It Rains…

Damar has initiated a Cardassian resistance against the Dominion, but when it becomes clear that he needs help from someone more experienced in guerilla tactics, Sisko dispatches Kira to assist his efforts. Meanwhile, Bashir discovers that Odo is suffering from the same disease that is affecting the Founders.

The previous four episodes were all written at the same time, and formed the first arc of the so-called “Final Chapter”. Some new storylines get to kick off in this episode, as Kira dons a Starfleet uniform to help the Cardassians fight back against the Dominion, and Odo is revealed to have been carrying the Founder disease all along. Yes, Odo had Changeling AIDS all along, and now he’s been revealed as the original carrier.

As if that wasn’t enough, various other storylines rumble on in the background. Dukat tries to get one over on Winn by secretly reading the forbidden texts, only to be blinded and thrown out on his arse. I’d have more respect for this turn of events if I didn’t know it was just to slow down the Dukat-Winn storyline, which had progressed faster than intended. Meanwhile, Ezri is still trying to make her feelings clear to Bashir, and Gowron is so jealous of Martok that he takes his best general off the front lines. All in all, there’s plenty going on.

Points of note

  • Another possibility for why Odo took so long to show signs of the morphogenic disease – it’s possible that the disease’s spread is accelerated by shapeshifting. As we know, Odo hasn’t shapeshifted as much as the other Changelings, especially since he got together with Kira.
  • We know that Gowron likes to claim glory for himself – recall how he took credit for Picard and Worf’s actions during his succession to the Klingon leadership – but would he really take Martok off the front lines? Gowron is nothing if not canny – surely he would let Martok finish the job of winning the war, and then retire him into obscurity in such a way that Martok did not become resentful.
  • Kira is given a temporary Starfleet commission in this episode. She also has to work with Damar, with whom she had a very difficult relationship during the occupation of DS9 at the start of season six. The pair never trusted each other, to the point of exchanging blows – with the final straw between them being Damar killing Ziyal. At least someone remembers that that happened.

Magical Pah-Wraiths

  • They blind Dukat for looking at the Book of Kosst Amojan. How do they know who is looking at the book, and whether they are qualified to do so? How do they take away his sight without causing any detectable physical damage?

Summary – When It Rains…: I can’t think of the title of this episode without getting an earworm for the Paramore song of the same name.

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