The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: Tacking Into the Wind

Kira, Garak and Odo have been teaching Damar’s resistance how to fight back against the Dominion, and now the time has come for their most daring mission yet – to steal one of the Breen’s energy dampening weapons. But Odo has begun suffering from the symptoms of the morphogenic disease, and the last thing he wants is to either jeopardise the mission – or have Kira find out. Meanwhile, Worf agonises over what he can do to stop Gowron from endangering more lives in the pursuit of glory.

I had this episode in mind as ‘the Klingon one’, and even though that’s not the only plotline here, this is indeed the episode where Gowron finally loses his place as chancellor – and his life. I feel like I could have done without this story – it comes late in the day, and it lacks the depth and development of TNG’s equivalent Klingon politics stories.

Meanwhile, Kira is trying to get the Cardassian resistance into shape, and of course there has to be the obligatory bullish and arrogant Gul who hates Kira and wants to kill her. Just as Dukat had his idiot henchman Damar, now Damar has his idiot henchman Rusot. Fortunately, Rusot doesn’t last out the episode, as he was frankly a tiresome character, leaving the others to pull off the daring heist of a Breen weapon.

Finally, Bashir’s search for the cure to the Changeling virus is bearing little fruit, but his and O’Brien’s machinations to lure Section 31 to the station are setting us up for the next episode.

Points of Note

  • Odo confirms my theory that shapeshifting accelerates the progress of the morphogenic disease, as his recent work with the resistance has caused the rapid onset of symptoms.
  • Unlike Jadzia and Curzon, Ezri has a more cynical and dispassionate view of the Klingon Empire.
  • Thot Pran is now the Breen leader – Thot Gor’s fate is unknown.

Summary – Tacking Into the Wind: In which Gowron dies at Worf’s hands.

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