The Great Star Trek DS9 Rewatch: The Dogs of War

Whilst Sisko and his senior crew celebrate the arrival of a replacement USS Defiant, Kira and Damar are having a much tougher time of it. A betrayal leads to the destruction of the Cardassian resistance, leaving Damar, Kira and Garak hiding in a basement, uncertain of their next move. Meanwhile, Quark is delighted to hear that the Nagus is coming to DS9 to crown his successor.

The end is just around the corner, and so this episode has lots to do – keeping some important threads going, spinning up others, and concluding the whole Ferengi arc so it doesn’t take up time in the finale. With so much going on, it’s time to divide it all up into what works – and what doesn’t.

The Good

  • A new Defiant, hooray! And it’s immune to the Breen energy dampening weapon too.
  • Damar and Kira keeping the Cardassian resistance alive against all the odds.

The Bad

  • The whole loss of the Defiant thing is cheapened by how quickly a replacement is brought in.
  • Kasidy’s pregnancy, which was apparently written in to make Sisko’s imminent departure more poignant, and to better fulfil the prophecy of doom. The writers were pleased with themselves for making contraception the man’s responsibility in the 24th century, but I like to think that a) future contraception is perfect and b) everyone takes responsibility for themselves.
  • The whole Grand Nagus storyline. Quark’s upset at the societal developments and his determination to eliminate all reforms is just too close to home at the moment. Rom is obviously a much better choice, and it’s good to see the “stupid brother” become the most powerful of all Ferengi, but what about his engineering career? And what of democracy and elections – or is that just a step too far for Ferengi society? I guess they do have a Congress of Businessmen now.
  • The new Cardassian leader. I know he’s supposed to be bland, but he’s just phoning it in at this point. It’s not like he’s going to be around long enough for me to care, I guess.
  • Ezri and Bashir. Enough said.

Other points

  • Quark echoes Picard’s “the line must be drawn here” speech from Star Trek: First Contact.
  • Jeffrey Combs has to pull double duty in this episode, as both his regular characters, Weyoun and Brunt.

Summary – The Dogs of War: The Ferengi arc ends, as everyone else prepares for the final battle.

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