The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Time and Again

When Voyager stops to investigate the remains of a destroyed civilisation, Janeway and Paris are drawn into the past – a day before the very accident that destroyed them. Can the Voyager crew retrieve Janeway and Paris before they either get caught up in the destruction, or violate the Prime Directive?

Voyager gets stuck into the first of its many time travel episodes with this instalment, which introduces both Janeway’s fanatical devotion to the Prime Directive, and the show’s blatant disregard for temporal paradoxes. That being said, this episode was actually better than I remembered, and was certainly a decent entry into the “we caused the very problem we were trying to avoid” variety of time travel stories.

Character development
• Not only is Neelix highly irritating, but he also gaslights Kes in this episode, essentially telling her that she’s talking nonsense and that her concerns shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • Harry has a girlfriend back home, whom he intends to remain faithful to. Meanwhile, despite having been in a penal colony, Paris claims to have five girls on the go, so to speak.

Points of note
• Kes’s nascent telepathic abilities give her special narrative powers in this episode. She certainly seems more sensitive than Tuvok, although to be fair Vulcan telepathy has yet to include a sensitivity for subspace fractures or alternate timelines.
• Somehow, the Doctor still doesn’t know about the additions to the crew that happened at the end of Caretaker. Have none of the Maquis visited sickbay yet? Didn’t the Doctor wonder who Kes was when she visited last episode?
• When Janeway and Paris trade their uniforms for native clothing, Paris chooses something that looks a lot like his uniform.
• In the reset timeline, why does no one on Voyager comment on the planet’s use of polaric ion energy when they perform their scan?
• Speaking of which, if research into polaric ion energy has been banned for over 100 years, why is Voyager able to make a generator so easily?

  • This episode introduces the infamous Delaney sisters, who will often be mentioned as potential dates for Paris and Kim.

Summary – Time and Again: In which even an annoying kid and subspace pseudoscience can’t completely ruin my enjoyment.

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