The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Ex Post Facto

When Paris is convicted of murder on an alien planet, his punishment is to be fitted with memory implants that cause him to relive the crime from the victim’s perspective once every fourteen hours. With this punishment threatening to cause Paris permanent brain damage, Tuvok must work quickly to prove his innocence.

I’m not a fan of this episode. It’s clear that someone wanted to do film noir in space, and it’s so painfully embarrassing that all we can do is cringe and wait for it to be over. There’s the older man with his bored, beautiful wife; the obligatory tiny pet dog (yes, they have dogs in the Delta Quadrant); the hero wrongfully accused of murder, and the dutiful investigator looking into the case. The method of Tom’s punishment is mildly interesting, but not enough to carry the day – in fact, all this episode is really good for is giving Tuvok the chance to step up and do something.

Character notes

  • Tuvok reveals that he has a wife, to whom he has been married for 67 years.
  • The Doctor is having no luck in choosing a name, even with Kes’s help.

Other points

  • This is the first use of the mind meld in Voyager. Vulcans always took a bit of a backseat in TNG and DS9, so it’s good to have one in the senior crew again. Although Tuvok can seem bland, I quite enjoy his measured way of speaking.

Summary – Ex Post Facto: Film noir on a planet populated with ridiculous looking aliens and dogs.

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