The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: State of Flux

When Voyager answers a Kazon distress call, they find a ship with just one badly injured survivor – and the culprit appears to be badly installed Federation technology. With Voyager being the only place such technology could have come from, Tuvok has no choice but to launch an investigation into who might have been secretly trading with the Kazon – either Starfleet engineer Lieutenant Carey, or former Maquis Seska.

I honestly can’t remember if the twists and turns of this episode caught me by surprise the first time, but obviously during the rewatch I was well aware that this was the “Seska is evil” episode. I’m not sure I’m a fan of setting up Seska as a recurring antagonist, but nor was I fan of her as a crewman on Voyager, so either way I guess I would have been unhappy. She’s a manipulative liar, but not in a compelling or charismatic way, so it just comes across as tiresome.

Character notes

  • One from the previous episode – Carey apparently has a wife and two sons. I’m not sure if this is ever mentioned again.
  • Seska had a previous relationship with Chakotay, until they both decided it wouldn’t work. Seska seems to imply that she wasn’t just doing it as part of the mission, but actually cared for him. I see Seska as being very forward and seductive with Chakotay, and perhaps even a bit scornful of B’Elanna’s crush on him.

Other points

  • It is claimed in this episode that there were no other reports of missing ships prior to Voyager’s disappearance. Even if we discount the numerous ships that go missing and force the Enterprise or the Defiant to search for them, we know that at the very least the USS Equinox was also pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.
  • The first few bars have been cut from the original version of the ending music, rendering it into its more familiar form.
  • When the Doctor is activated at the end, he doesn’t say “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”
  • Initially Seska is said to have been “genetically altered”, but later this is changed to the less ludicrous “surgically altered”.
  • In Caretaker, we met the Kazon-Ogla. In this episode, we meet a different sect – the Kazon Nistrim. Neelix claims that they are the most violent and dangerous of the sects.

Summary – State of Flux: Seska is evil.

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