The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: The 37’s

When Voyager finds a 1963 Ford truck floating in space, this unlikely discovery leads to them a planet where eight 20th century humans have been held in stasis – including none other than pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. In the hope that whatever brought these humans to the Delta Quadrant could also send them home, Janeway and the crew revive Earhart and the others in the hopes of finding some answers.

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this episode, but I have to say that, in its favour, it feels a lot more like a season finale than Learning Curve did – probably because it was meant to be the season one finale. Voyager lands on a planet for the first time; the prospect of getting home is dangled in front of us, and there’s even a chance that everyone might just give up on Voyager and settle down on a Delta Quadrant planet instead.

With that in mind, overall The 37’s was actually a decent enough episode – if it can entertain me in spite of having 20th century elements in it, it must be doing something right. It’s a shame that Amelia Earhart didn’t join the crew – if there’s one thing I would have liked to have seen in Voyager, it’s more randomers joining the crew as they went along – but hardly a surprise.

Points of Note

  • Tom Paris has an interest in classic cars – this will later be reflected in one of his holodeck programs.
  • Although Janeway says that the human cities are amazing and a real sight to behold, for time and budget reasons, we never get to see them. I guess we can do a better job with our imaginations than the episode ever could.
  • Why are the Voyager crew so easily subdued by Noonan’s gun? I’m sure one of them could have quickly stunned him with their phasers, especially if it was set on wide dispersal.
  • Having said that only humans should be present at the revival of the 37s, Janeway immediately orders Kes to join them. Of course, Kes does brush her hair over her ears so as to appear human, and later her alien appearance is key to convincing Earhart that Janeway is telling the truth.
  • Chakotay seems remarkably nostalgic for Earth, given that he grew up and lived on a completely different planet.
  • When Earhart and the others watch Voyager take off, they seem completely unruffled by the massive air displacement that would have surely occurred.

Summary – The 37’s: Turns out Amelia Earhart was abducted by aliens after all.

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