The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Twisted

When Voyager encounters a distortion ring in space, it starts having an odd effect on the ship. Rooms that should be decks apart are suddenly next to each other, and no one can get to where they want to go. Just what is happening to the ship, and can the crew fix it before it’s too late?

I know I should probably dismiss this episode as being a bit too silly even by Star Trek standards, but I just can’t help myself – I like it. I really enjoyed this episode the first time I saw it, and even now I find it entertaining. Yes, the effects are hokey and much of the episode is spent running around in corridors, but I like the building stress as the distortion starts closing in on our heroes, confining them to an ever smaller space. We know that they must surely survive, but how? Will they be doomed to hideous distorting CGI effects on board the ship forever?

Points of Note

  • This is actually one of the four holdover episodes from season one; Initiations was a proper season two episode.
  • Kes turns two years old in this episode.
  • Although he’s trying his best to suppress it, Neelix still can’t help acting like a jealous prick.
  • Why doesn’t Tuvok just have Voyager fly over or under the distortion ring?
  • Kes’ amazing capacity for memorisation crops up again in this episode. As I’ve said before, a race that grows to maturity within a year needs to be able to learn fast.
  • Tuvok and Chakotay have a reconciliatory moment in this episode, as they admit their mutual respect for each other despite their differences. Tuvok has also lightened up enough to give Harry an excuse to go off shift early and attend Kes’ party.

Destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 2

Possibly salavageable shuttlecraft running total: 1

Summary – Twisted: In which impending doom causes everyone to admit how much they love each other.

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