The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Parturition

When Voyager discovers an M-class planet that may well be rich in foodstuffs, Neelix and Paris are sent down to the surface to investigate. There are just two problems: first, the planet’s surface is forbidding and inhospitable, and secondly, Neelix and Paris are at odds over their feelings for Kes. Will they be able to work together in order to survive?

I really wasn’t looking forward to this episode. I’ve said plenty already about how much I dislike the jealous Neelix arc, and knowing that it came to a head in this episode hardly filled me with feverish anticipation. That being said, once Paris and Neelix actually land on the planet, the excruciatingly annoying part of the episode concludes, and it turns into a standard “we must work together to survive and also save this alien hatchling” story. In fact, Neelix actually manages to be a reasonable person for once, admitting that he doesn’t get to choose Kes’s friends just because he’s dating her. Even Neelix can smash the patriarchy on occasion.

Points of Note

  • Angel hair pasta is a real thing, but it does not feature harvested follicles.
  • Yet another shuttlecraft crashes in this episode – they’re going down like flies now. Whilst it’s technically possible that it was salvaged, given the atmosphere of the planet, and the presence of a hostile alien ship, it seems unlikely.
  • This is the first episode in which Janeway is seen with what would come to be her customary shorter hairstyle.
  • In Non Sequitur, we saw a clarinet in Harry’s San Francisco home. In this episode, he finally replicates one aboard Voyager.

Destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 3

Possibly salavageable shuttlecraft running total: 2

Summary – Parturition: In which raising an alien hatchling gives Neelix and Paris a chance to get some perspective.

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