The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Persistence of Vision

With stress starting to get the better of Janeway, the Doctor orders her to enjoy some downtime with her favourite holonovel. But her enjoyment is short-lived when she starts seeing visions of the holonovel characters outside the holodeck. What is happening to Janeway, and is it anything to do with their recent encounter with the reclusive Bothans?

Although this isn’t strictly a holodeck episode, there still isn’t much to recommend it. Not only do we have to endure Janeway’s tedious holonovel, but we can’t even escape them by leaving the holodeck. The plot then trundles along slowly for a while, until suddenly everyone starts having visions based on their innermost thoughts and feelings. Yes, there are some interesting character moments here, but it’s not long before the whole thing degenerates into technobabble, before fizzling out into nothingness. Why did the aliens project telepathic visions into the minds of the crew? Was it all just a test like they said at the beginning? Who knows, and honestly, who even cares?

Character notes

  • Tuvok’s wife is hot.
  • Paris has typical daddy issues, with a lifetime of failing to live up to his father’s expectations presumably having led to his stubborn and rebellious attitude.
  • B’Elanna has a secret crush on Chakotay. In fact, I prefer them as a couple to Paris/Torres, Chakotay/Janeway or Chakotay/Seven.
  • We get to see the next best thing to Neelix suffering – a telepathic projection of Neelix writhing in pain.

Other points

  • This is last time we see the Janeway Lambda One holonovel.
  • Janeway’s hair is back to its longer style.
  • Harry and B’Elanna have started installing holoprojectors to allow the Doctor to visit other parts of the ship. This development was foreshadowed in Projections.

Destroyed shuttlecraft running total: 3

Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 2

Summary – Persistence of Vision: In which Janeway relaxes with a holonovel instead of just replicating a vibrator and having a good wank.

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