The Great Star Trek Voyager Rewatch: Resistance

With Voyager in desperate need of chemicals for the warp core, the crew are forced to carry out a clandestine trade on a planet run by a suspicious and xenophobic regime. But things go horribly wrong when Tuvok and Torres are taken captive, whilst Janeway is rescued by a man who mistakenly thinks she is his long-lost daughter. Can Janeway rescue her captive crew mates, and is there anything Chakotay and Voyager do to assist?

Although we must once again question Voyager’s operating procedures, this is nonetheless a decent episode. There’s plenty going on here, with lots of opportunities for character development, plus the usual mix of technobabble and alien encounters – everything you want and need from a Voyager episode. There’s even a heartfelt moment, as Janeway learns that Caylem’s wife and daughter have been dead for years, and that his failing memory has caused him to mount endless rescue attempts. For someone who is usually so strait-laced, it was a nice touch to see Janeway set him at peace as he passed away.

Character points
• Over the course of the series so far, we’ve seen Tuvok’s logical approach clash with Torres’s reliance on emotion and instinct. Here, Torres hears Tuvok being tortured, and realises that it’s not that Vulcans have no emotions or a complete immunity to pain, but that they merely suppress such feelings as best they can.

Other points
• As with numerous TNG episodes, both this episode and the last see Voyager beaming someone up through the shields.
• Why is that sometimes it’s possible to scan an entire planet to look for crew members, and other times it isn’t? Yes, Torres and Tuvok were underground, but Janeway wasn’t, and she was the only human on the planet.
• If the mission to get the tellurium was so risky, why send three senior officers down to the planet’s surface? In fact, couldn’t Neelix have just traded directly with his contact, to avoid unnecessary risk?
• If the Mokra Order are so xenophobic and paranoid, why are there so many aliens down on the planet’s surface to begin with? Maybe those aliens had to endure long and tedious negotiations that Voyager didn’t have time for.

Lost shuttlecraft running total: 4
Possibly salvageable shuttlecraft running total: 3

Summary – Resistance: In which we learn that Janeway and B’Elanna are hot in civilian clothes.

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